16 November 2012

Physical Toughness Test Nokia Lumia 920

Performance and features of Nokia Lumia 920 is quite promising, especially with Windows Phone 8 carried. But what about the physical toughness mobile phone?

To find out, PhoneBuff do drop test, for testing the strength of the body and the material that wraps Lumia 920.

As usual, the test is conducted by dropping them out of a certain height.

There are some testing done. Starting from the position of the ear called or tall men, to bring a baby to come drop Lumia 920 white color.

From the drop test result shows that the number of times the test, body Lumia 920 is not too badly damaged, only blisters on the number of sides. While the touch screen inoperable.

Here's a video drop test was performed PhoneBuff.

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