21 April 2011

Biggest Screen Laptop Game, Dell Alienware M18X

Dell Alienware has launched a mega-sized gaming laptop that is 18 inches called Alienware M18x, but this new product was announced in the United States. Dell has been called the M18x as "the most powerful gaming laptop-sized 18-inches in the universe," and see not too many laptops measuring 18 inches available in the market, they may be right.

Superior gaming laptop, the Alienware family are packed with the latest hardware with the main focus is to run the latest games at an amazing speed. Alienware M18x will offer dual-graphics technology and proesor Intel Core i7 Extreme CPUs overclocked up to 4GHz with option. With HD wireless audio and video without latency for a bigger screen and an HDMI connection to HDTV 1.4 for 3D then you can expect this laptop for playing games or watching your favorite movies in 3D.

Alienware M18x specs include:

An FHD 1080p 18.4-inch WLED display for best visual
Dual GPU with the fastest graphics memory (GDDR5) on all graphic options
AMD or NVIDIA graphics option, each with Crossfire X and SLI,
Intel's new processor architecture "Huron River" with Intel Core i7 Extreme Quad Core overclock to 4GHz
Upgradeable memory up to 32GB 1333MHz
HDMI / Display Port outputs and an HDMI-in
Wireless HD & 3D output options, low-latency content delivery of high-def wirelessly or to display the 3D output

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