18 January 2014

About All Risk Car Insurance

In general, every insurance company offers two types of protection, Comprehensive (All Risk) and Total Lost Only (TLO). Comprehensive (All Risk) is a compensation by the insurance company for the loss of part or the whole car due to falling objects, fire, misconduct, theft, robbery, collision, collision or other accidents. Meanwhile, Total Lost Only (TLO) is the compensation that the company will only be granted if the car was totally destroyed or above 75% .However, there are things that differentiate one product that insurance companies with other companies. What? That issue premium offered each company.

Car insurance consists of two types, car insurance total loss only (TLO) and comprehensive insurance or also known as an all risk insurance. All Risk Insurance, or which can literally be translated as insurance to cover all risks, at its core insurance products will protect the car insured under any threat, ranging from abrasions, dents, burnt due to irresponsible action, and others. In this article, let's discuss what kind of protection that could premiere people (you) enjoy it if you have type car insurance all risk, but still it must be remembered that each insurance company will offer all risk insurance - with its different features, such as towing the rate of coverage and certain other costs.

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Amount of each liability protection is usually proportional to the amount of premiums to be paid. So make sure the premiere people, comparing the benefits received by the costs, make sure it is all in accordance with the budget and also the value of the car to be insured.

When the car is insured used as daily transportation then it is highly recommended that all risk auto insurance becomes the primary option , given the risks that always exist during the trip , ranging from grazed , fall victim to vandalism , or theft . Case Example ; cars grazed by public transport , minor damage , but enough to make the eyes less comfortable to look at him . In this case , the claim can be made ​​if owned insurance is comprehensive insurance or all risk . Not so with TLO , when the case of the above occurs, then the claim can not be approved by the insurance company , because the protection of the TLO insurance is valid only if the damage to the car was in the range of 75 % and above .

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Another advantage using all risk insurance is , people will be protected when the premiere , a riot ( riot ) or vandalism , which resulted in damage to people 's premiere car , while car insurance TLO will not provide such protection . Seeing the susceptibility brawl or events that could harm people 's premier , highly recommended that the gain factor of the auto insurance all risk is taken into account , so as not to suffer significant losses in the future .