15 April 2011

Top 5 Ipad Game Which Make Addiction

1. We Rule GOLD

This game is similar to Farmville for the iPad. Although the initial level of this game is easy, but it will become more difficult if you are able to overcome the challenges of the tutorial. Like Harvest Moon, the main key in this game is to plant and harvest. But you have to increase the level if you want to expand your kingdom, opening the seals, and other important things such as plants, shops, statues, rivers, and roads.

2. GodFinger

In this game, you are a god who get followers to be employed in planetmu. The idea of this game is to create a planet that is filled with the followers to do the bid. Produce gold and make the "items" better to help you get 3 achievements as quickly as possible. GodFinger much like the game "We Rule Gold", which essentially is a challenge-based tutorial that aims to increase the level based on experience points.

3. Angry Birds HD

The gameplay is very interesting to try and make you complaining because a self-esteem. When you play this game, you will be haunted by the birds, and taunt the pigs are green which will never end. The purpose of this game is to kill the pigs green. Keep yourself from family or friends when they want to play games that "sadistic"is, because they will keep this game from you.

4. Zombie vs. HD Plants

Although you do not like zombies, this game will make you forget the world for a while when you drop it zombies. The purpose of this game is, prevent it disgusting zombies into the house. If they succeed in, you will die. The biggest challenge in this game is to decide how many sunflowers are planted, protect, and manage a strategy to destroy zombies. Do not forget that you need to buy sunflower plants that you need. And plants that you choose in each level will vary on the situation day or night, and their ability to fight zombies.

5. Dizzypad HD

Who would have thought that the game frog who jumps from one lily to lily like can be make you addicted? Points from this game, of course, defend the life of the frog, jump safely to avoid falling into the water. This plain game will make you feel stupid if you can not make the leap to the right.

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