16 January 2014

Samsung galaxy Chat B5330

Samsung chat is an Android smartphone made ​​by Samsung, an electronics company that originated from Korea. The smartphone that was announced in July 2012 and was released in August of the same year offers a different design of general android smartphone. Samsung chat provides a physical QWERTY keypad so that the user can easily make typing faster and avoid mistakes in the push of a button. Although the use of physical buttons but still provides a capacitive touch screen, so users can use a finger to navigate directly to the touch screen.

samsung chat

Find out the advantages and disadvantages bagimana Samsung galaxy chat based its specifications below:

Advantages Samsung galaxy chat

The  most prominent of the advantage is the physical QWERTY keypad , the button is very valuable for those who are happy to make typing fast . With physical keypad buttons , so as to avoid errors in the push of a button.
Very light weight at only amounted to 112 g , dimensions or size of the mobile phone that is compact at 118.9 x 59.3 x 11.7 cm . So that is very fitting in pocket and it takes a lot right .

The presence of Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used in addition to internet access via wifi could be for a variety of internet connection with other devices that have wifi feature.

Been using android ICS , and can be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean version 4.1.2. The presence of GPS can determine its position. Has supported 3G Network HSDPA allowing faster internet access. The existence of bluetooth version 3.0 so that the data transmission between devices rarely get faster close
Radio  that can be used to listen to music or news from the radio station nearest The presence of a microSD slot that can be up to 32 GB of storage menupgrade. Adequacy of internal storage of 4 GB.

Disadvantages Samsung galaxy chat 

Single Core Processor  is only 850 Mhz
Capacity of 512 mb ram
The touch screen is very standard that is just the type Capacitive TFT, with 256K colors
The screen size is quite small in size 3 inches
resolution is not high enough at 240 x 320 pixels
The primary camera is only 2 MP
No front kameran
The battery capacity is only 1200 mAh

Samsung chat chat is a tiny, compact, lightweight. processor is not big enough and that only 2 mp camera may be a major drawback of this phone, but the presence of a physical QWERTY keypad that offers ease in typing chat provides a solution for enthusiasts who are also fond of android, can be considered to have a phone that is affordable enough or not .

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