11 December 2013

Digital Camera Price List (Canon, Sony, Samsung) in Indonesia

Digital Camera Price List (Canon, Sony, Samsung) in Indonesia. For you who are looking for the best digital camera price list that matches your budget, here is a list of digital camera price that I found on the internet :

Canon Camera Price List

CANON PS A800 Rp670,000
CANON PS A1200 Rp830,000
CANON PS A2200 Rp995,000
CANON PS A3200 Rp1,145,000
CANON PS A3300 Rp1,315,000
CANON PS G12 Rp3,945,000
CANON PS SX150 Rp2,045,000
CANON PS SX230 Rp2,600,000
CANON PS SX40 Rp4,035,000
CANON PS S95 Rp3,250,000
CANON PS S100 Rp3,975,000
CANON IXUS 115 HS Rp1,395,000
CANON IXUS 220 HS + tas + 8g Rp1,675,000
CANON IXUS 230 HS + tas + 8g Rp1,970,000
CANON IXUS 310 HS Rp2,095,000
CANON IXUS 1000 HS + tas Rp2,450,000
CANON IXUS 1100 HS Rp2,930,000
CANON EOS 6D bo Rp 2.100.000
CANON 1100d + 18-55is + tripod Rp4,775,000
CANON 500d + 18-55mm IS Rp5,045,000
CANON 550D bo Rp5,215,000
CANON 550d + 18-55is Rp5,950,000
CANON 550d + 18-135mm Rp7,745,000
CANON 600d bo Rp6,195,000
CANON 600d + 18-55mm IS Rp6,825,000
CANON 600d + 18-55mm IS + 55-250mm IS Rp8,850,000
CANON 600d + 18-135mm IS Rp8,795,000
CANON 60d bo Rp7,695,000
CANON 60d + 18-55mm IS II Rp8,375,000
CANON 60d + 18-135mm Rp10,275,000
CANON 60d + 18-200mm Rp11,595,000
CANON 7D bo Rp12,095,000
CANON 7D + 18-135mm is Rp14,525,000
CANON 7D + 15-85mm Rp17,500,000
CANON 5d MK II bo Rp17,775,000
CANON 5d MK II + 24-105mm Rp25,475,000
CANON I D Mark IV Rp35,775,000

Nikon Camera Pricelist

NIKON L23 Rp595,000
NIKON L120 Rp2,295,000
NIKON S70 Rp2,895,000
NIKON S80 Rp2,650,000
NIKON S100 Rp3,150,000
NIKON S1200 PJ Rp4,045,000
NIKON S2500 Rp765,000
NIKON S6200 Rp2,095,000
NIKON S8000 Rp2,695,000
NIKON S8200 Rp3,075,000
NIKON S9100 Rp2,345,000
NIKON AW100 Underwater Rp3,495,000
NIKON P300 Rp2,345,000
NIKON P500 Rp3,565,000
NIKON P7100 Rp4,775,000
NIKON J1 + 10-30mm VR + 30-110mm VR Rp6,425,000
NIKON J1 + 10mm f/2.8 Rp5,245,000
NIKON V1 + 10-30mm VR + 30-110mm VR Rp8,245,000
NIKON V1 + 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR Rp7,290,000
NIKON V1 + 10mm f/2.8 Rp7,095,000
NIKON D3100 + lens 18-55 VR Rp5,425,000
NIKON D5100 + lens 18-55 VR Rp7,350,000
NIKON D90 bo Rp6,975,000
NIKON D90 + 18-105mm Rp9,345,000
NIKON D7000 bo Rp9,395,000
NIKON D7000 + 18-105mm VR Rp12,350,000
NIKON D300s bo Rp12,695,000
NIKON D700 bo Rp19,800,000
NIKON D3s bo Rp41,095,000

Sony Camera Pricelist

SONY DSC W510 + 4g Rp995,000
SONY DSC W620 + 4g + case Rp1,155,000
SONY DSC W630 + 4g + case Rp1,650,000
SONY DSC T77 Touchscreen + 2g Rp1,795,000
SONY J10 Rp1,830,000
SONY TX1 Touchscreen Rp2,175,000
SONY TX10 Underwater + 4g Rp3,145,000
SONY WX1 Rp2,775,000
SONY NEX-3 lens 16mm + 4g Rp5,175,000
SONY NEX-3 + 18-55mm + 4g Rp5,575,000
SONY NEX 3 + 16mm + 18-55mm + 4gb Rp6,420,000
SONY NEX-5 lens 16mm + 4g Rp6,095,000
SONY NEX 5 + 18-55mm + 4g + tas Rp6,495,000
SONY NEX 5 + 16mm + 18-55mm + 4gb Rp7,495,000
SONY NEX 5N + 18-55mm + 4g + tas Rp6,945,000
SONY NEX 5N + 16mm + 18-55mm + 4g + tas Rp7,800,000
SONY NEX C3 + 18-55mm + 4gb + tas Rp5,995,000
SONY NEX C3 + 16mm + 18-55mm + 4gb + tas Rp6,995,000
SONY A550 + 18-55mm + 55-200mm + 4g Rp8,100,000
SONY SLT A35 + 18-55mm +4g Rp6,395,000
SONY SLT A35+ 18-55mm + 55-200mm + 4g Rp8,575,000
SONY SLT A55 + lens 18-55mm + 4g Rp7,900,000
SONY SLT A55+ 18-55mm + 55-200mm + 4g Rp9,775,000
SONY SLT A65+ 18-55mm + 8g + Tas Rp9,895,000

Samsung Camera Pricelist
SAMSUNG PL 20 Rp1,350,000
SAMSUNG PL 65 Rp1,275,000
SAMSUNG PL 90 Rp975,000
SAMSUNG PL 120 Dual LCD Rp1,195,000
SAMSUNG PL 170 Dual LCD Rp1,495,000
SAMSUNG ST 30 Rp975,000
SAMSUNG ST 65 Rp995,000
SAMSUNG ST 80 Wifi Rp2,095,000
SAMSUNG ST 100 Dual LCD Rp2,295,000
SAMSUNG ST 700 Dual LCD Rp2,495,000
SAMSUNG ST 5000 Touchscreen Rp2,520,000
SAMSUNG ST 5500 Touchscreen Wifi Rp3,325,000
SAMSUNG MV800 + 4g Rp2,345,000
SAMSUNG WB 550 Rp2,060,000
SAMSUNG WB 700 Rp2,650,000
SAMSUNG WB 1000 Rp3,285,000

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