17 January 2014

RED Camera Scarlet 2/3 For Reliable Photographers In the classes

Do not claimed that you are fond of photography if you do not have a collection of sophisticated camera capable of producing crystal clear picture quality and high artistic power. If so, try just a glance at the RED camera Scarlet 2/3. Camera with a price range of about $ 4,750.

This camera has an additional ASIC and 4 board that contains many features that can help the work of a great photographer. With 2/3-inchi sensor, this camera Scarlet features 8x zoom lens, side CF module, REDmote, touch screen measuring 2.8 inches with Touch Focus Tracking feature, the battery REDVOLT and Travel Charger.

RED camera

There are also models that are still below the level of those mentioned above, where the price range of $ 2750, which only includes the same engine, but not only with the features mentioned earlier.

Scarlet is a sophisticated camera capable of taking 3 thousand REDCODE RAW video at 120fps or 150fps and produce large-scale video 720p and also 1080p which is recorded at a speed of 60fps.

Both of these new models will be marketed Scarlet next year in May or June 2010. Interested in targeting this camera?

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