22 December 2012

Holiday Cookie Cutters (Unique)

Bored with the Holiday cookie cutters  that's it? Maybe these cookie cutters can be an inspiration. with this 3D cookie cutters, your cookies look so beautiful and alive!

In addition to the usual forms, this cookies cutters can make your Christmas cookies themed  look more 'alive' as a 3D shape.

The cutters named '3D Christmas Cookie Set 'this can make cookies shaped snowmen, Christmas trees, reindeer and sled. There are 8 molds, in which each figure consists of two different cutters. For example, to figure reindeer, a cutters to form the legs, one cutter again to form the body.

How to use it easily, about the same as making regular cookies. Milled dough cookies, then print with this unique tool fit the desired amount. Bake in oven until cooked, remove it, and wait for it to cool.

Decorative cookies with icing sugar. After that, connect the parts of the figure to be a snowman, Christmas tree, reindeer and sled could stand. Cookies will look pretty adorable. You can involve your child in the process of making these cookies. Its funny be liked by children. Would make a great Christmas gift or decoration edible cake.

The cookie cutters are made of tin-plated stainless steel is durable and safe to use all ages. The size is 7-12 cm.

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